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Thursday, March 16, 2006

Imagine that

I have been doing christian rap for the past year I have been dormant for a little bit. I am known for being in the group four saved brothas. We trying to come back again on the christian rap scene. I got a song I was working on for fun it aint official that it will be a song that will be distributed on one of our tracks in the future but here is a link to it.

imagine that

quick info: the songis not even complete but the theme is for the christian believer to imagine the destination of heaven they have prepared for them when it is that time to meet with God.

Enjoy take care and God bless


Blogger Bobbe said...

I have enjoyed seeing your blog grow and change. I also peaked at your MySpace. Of course, I looked at it in the infamous Firefox so it was kind of messed up - but very artistic. I played your game too. Most enjoyable. You are very talented. Loved your rap also. I have a son that is a Christian musician :)

8:10 PM


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