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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Holy Hip Hop

Here is an podcast I have ordered and really have enjoyed. I got it on yahoo's podcast, I have learned of a new christian rapper named conquest who is pretty cool. This podcast radio is something that is real cool to me I find myself sitting down and just listening to the podcast. right here down below is tha radio if you want to listen

click here


Blogger Shannon Thurston said...

Hey Corn,

This is Shannon Thurston from INST 5280. I work at a local high school and I manage their recording studio. If you want I could give you a couple hours of studio time for free even though the school usually charges $30/hour. We should be able to lay down one or two tracks and then mix them down to CD. Let me know what you think.
Are you going to be around this summer? That would be the best time for me.


9:34 PM


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