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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Standardizing HTML code

In one of my classes we learned about web accessibility. I am on mozilla right now and to find out that I dont have a scrollbar performing properily for my previous post and past archive section. For example I have made a personal website on if you go to it by clicking here---->nilli29, and now try opening it in IE and then open it in firefox you get two very different looking websites. Alright then sue me I prefer using IE instead of firefox, but firefox is a pain in the butt with stricter HTML coding (I hate you firefox). I have always hated mozilla's firefox, but in reality I need to start liking it. At least it is setting a standard for HTML developers and designers to follow the same set of rules. I think we should all have one internet browser so that we all have to focus on one set of HTML coding instead of trying to take in to account so much if our viewer can see this depending on what internet browser they use (seeing this perspective in a HTML coder's eyes).


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