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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

wikis vs. blogs

Wikis V. blogs, is it wikipeidia you go to or is it Blogs and wikis are almost the same but at the same time are different in how content is revealed. Also between the two there are different procedures of how to post various information.

Blogs are information entered then pushed down from new entries. Also with the entries outside emnities can reply to you entries. With wikis an individual can come in and edit the entry you are in right there instead of pushing information down.

Which one is the best to use like an other thing it all depends on what you are doing. If you dont want others to edit your content than blogs, if this behavior of editing content on your page is encourages than wikis.

An example of a wiki use would be wikipedia or a math wiki I am doing for a school project. In this project we are designing an online course for a geometry class here at Utah State and we use the wiki to post stuff for us all to edit at once. Instead of having to have previous info get lost in gigantic scroll of entries.


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