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Thursday, January 19, 2006

What about RSS

RSS "Really Simple Syndication" or "Rich Site Summary" whatever you want to call it to tell you the truth I still dont know what the thing is really. I also know if you get this in firefox I know that you are on a site that has it.

I have got an RSS aggregator that organizes RSS sites for me, I find it beneficial. It is good for finding stuff like news about specific topics you are end to. With the RSS aggregator I found out about google upload video where you can upload free videos (A new year for Google Video), and I am a big sports junkie (especially the NBA) and I have another bloogger about sports on there here is the link to the google NBA video archives . I also am very interested in web developing and I found two cool bloogs and webgraphics. I was looking at and they have good some good stuff for SQL coding which I am trying to learn PHP. I was a lil' dissapointed in the webgraphics blogger they only had one post in the last week that wasn't even a graphic design question but a coding question. The most interesting blog by far to me was the gizmodo. On gizmodo it had updates on recent technologies like snake phones that wrap around your arm that tells your mood.

I honestly like the tool because it is better than surfing the net for blogs and then adding them to your favorite links. Also it notifies you when somenting new is posted on blogs you have choosen.


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