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Tuesday, January 17, 2006

All-Star Predictions

The first conference I will start off is the western conference which I will start off who I think should make the starting five and not neccesarilly who will be the starting five

PG - Steve Nash [Phoenix Suns]
The reinging MVP from a year ago is putting up similiar numbers as he did last year. Nash is leading the league in assist with 11.3 from last year went down a little (11.9). He is averaging over 19 points a game when last year he was averaging 15. No Amare no problem leading the suns to the third best record in the west. His numbers are better from an MVP last year effort Nash starting PG for the west.

SG - Kobe Bryant [L.A. Lakers]
I Really dont like the guy but I got to give the NBA's leading scorer some props (34.3). Who goes on a four game streak of 40 points or better one of the best scorers of all time the league has seen since Jordan. Is being considered as one of the greatest alread in his young career. Will most likely make the All NBA team as well as the All-Defensive team.

SF - Elton Brand [L.A. Clippers]
The rising superstar from the clippers is having the best season of his career, while having career highs in points (25.2) and rebounds (10.8). With the newcomers of Sam Cassell and Catino Mobley this superstar is finally getting help with the best team in LA and I am not talking about the Lakers. He is improving each year and in a forward rich conference this superstar emerges as a starter of the western conference squad.

PF- Dirk Nowitzki [Dallas Mavericks]
Dirk is already getting comparisons to the great Larry Bird. He was an All-NBA selection a year ago and he has improved from every major statistical category from last year except for assists. Dirk is the main reason the Mavericks are a game behind San Antonio for the best record in the West. The four time NBA-All Star will be there again, and I say he will be a five time NBA-All Star

C - Tim Duncan [San Antonio Spurs]
He is not a center he is a power forward I know please shut up about it. There are no centers in the west ever since Shaq left. The future hallafamer is at it again this time he is leading the spurs to the second best record in the league and the best in the west. His numbers are so consistent he could virutally win the MVP every year and every year he is in the hunt for it, the same will hold true for the big fundamentals again. I also predict that he will win his first All-Star MVP as he leads the western conference in an entertaining All-Star Game.

Now it is time for the big boys in the Eastern conference

PG - Chauncey Billups [Detroit Pistons]
Billups is having the best seaason of his career, his point and assist totals this year chatter that of any other season he has been in. In fact I have him in the top three for the MVP ballots so far. The Pistons are the best team in the Eastern Conference and have the best record in the NBA. I have always viewed Billups as a good player, he has found a good fit in the Piston's system and is playing just as good as any guard or any player in the league right now.

SG - Lebron James [Cleveland Cavaliers]
This guy is only 22, you have to be kidding me right now. King James has led the usually struggling cavs to a third place tie with the nets in the eastern conference. He is the only player in the league avergaing more than 30 points 6 rebounds and 6 six assists, the 6'8" freak of nature is so versataile to gaurd him is nearly impossible.

SF - Vince Carter [New Jersey Nets
Vinc-anity is causing up big comotions in New Jersey I have not seen Jersey fans so excited since the arrival of superstar Jason Kidd. Vince is finally gettin back to good health which he has been struggling with for a while. He is not in toronoto who is doing horrible right now who have the third worse record in the league I guess the temperature aint the only thing cold in Canada. But the high riser at of New Jersey should be a starter for the Eastern Conference. He should also enter the dunk contest where he is known as a legend

F - Pau Gasol [Memphis Grizzlies]
Pau Gasol are you serious, yes I am very serious. 19.9ppg, 2.25bpg, 4.3apg, and 9.4rpg is the numbers Gasol is putting up this year those are All-NBA numbers let alone All-Star numbers. He is beating Shaquille O'neal in every major statistical category except rebounds and FG% (in my book if you beat a guy in 7 out of 9 categories that aint bad)

C - Ben Wallace [Detroit Pistons]
Oh my gosh he does not have Shaq on the ballot yes I did it so take that. Ben Wallace has made everyone in the NBA realize the importance of Defense and Hustle and yea I captilize it all of the previous players I have chosen are your point junkies but Wallace at 8.4ppg makes up with, with rebounding (12.7) and block shots (2.2)

If you think I am wrong I would love to see you write your starting five for each conference along with a logical explanation why

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