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Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Animation in Flash

Using wink for screencasting I have created a video turtorial of how to make a simple animation in flash. To view this turtorial press here. To those who need it I hope this is helpful to those who are beginners with handling flash.

Map Builder

The picture I got from google earth. There are almost endless possibilites when dealing with google maps and such programs like Click here to view my mapbuilder page.

Thursday, April 06, 2006

The Nilli Bunch

Web generated sites such as Myspace, Flickr, and Youtube are taking the internet scene by storm. I had to get in to the action I already had a myspace and flickr account so I had to see what you tube had to offer. Cool place to look at videos educational, personal, or entertainment reasons, it still is a good place to look up videos. Here is a video I uploaded on you tube

click here to go to my youtube page

*plan on making more videos in the future be sure to come back for updates

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Holy Hip Hop

Here is an podcast I have ordered and really have enjoyed. I got it on yahoo's podcast, I have learned of a new christian rapper named conquest who is pretty cool. This podcast radio is something that is real cool to me I find myself sitting down and just listening to the podcast. right here down below is tha radio if you want to listen

click here

Thursday, March 16, 2006

Imagine that

I have been doing christian rap for the past year I have been dormant for a little bit. I am known for being in the group four saved brothas. We trying to come back again on the christian rap scene. I got a song I was working on for fun it aint official that it will be a song that will be distributed on one of our tracks in the future but here is a link to it.

imagine that

quick info: the songis not even complete but the theme is for the christian believer to imagine the destination of heaven they have prepared for them when it is that time to meet with God.

Enjoy take care and God bless

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

My Flicker page

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Standardizing HTML code

In one of my classes we learned about web accessibility. I am on mozilla right now and to find out that I dont have a scrollbar performing properily for my previous post and past archive section. For example I have made a personal website on if you go to it by clicking here---->nilli29, and now try opening it in IE and then open it in firefox you get two very different looking websites. Alright then sue me I prefer using IE instead of firefox, but firefox is a pain in the butt with stricter HTML coding (I hate you firefox). I have always hated mozilla's firefox, but in reality I need to start liking it. At least it is setting a standard for HTML developers and designers to follow the same set of rules. I think we should all have one internet browser so that we all have to focus on one set of HTML coding instead of trying to take in to account so much if our viewer can see this depending on what internet browser they use (seeing this perspective in a HTML coder's eyes).


When I talk about delicious I am not talking about a tasty meal that you would eat. The bookmarking system formally known as "". I like this system over you traditional bookmarking system is that wherever you travel or go with internet the book marks are with you. It also acts as a good search tool to find certain topics you may be looking for. I have found my self logging on delicious and searching techincal problems rather than googling it.

to see my page click here.

Tuesday, January 31, 2006

wikis vs. blogs

Wikis V. blogs, is it wikipeidia you go to or is it Blogs and wikis are almost the same but at the same time are different in how content is revealed. Also between the two there are different procedures of how to post various information.

Blogs are information entered then pushed down from new entries. Also with the entries outside emnities can reply to you entries. With wikis an individual can come in and edit the entry you are in right there instead of pushing information down.

Which one is the best to use like an other thing it all depends on what you are doing. If you dont want others to edit your content than blogs, if this behavior of editing content on your page is encourages than wikis.

An example of a wiki use would be wikipedia or a math wiki I am doing for a school project. In this project we are designing an online course for a geometry class here at Utah State and we use the wiki to post stuff for us all to edit at once. Instead of having to have previous info get lost in gigantic scroll of entries.

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